L’Atelier Du Dahu: an Imaginary World in Nantes

After our project in Bucharest, the French part of the group – Marine, Léo and Simon – came back to their hometown, Nantes, to make special collaboration video from VLIPP & Spruce Up Europe. As in Bucharest, young artists are using a house to implement their studios and organized a festival in the street.

In France, le “Dahu” is an imaginary animal, half-goat half-dear. He lives in the mountains and that’s why he has shorter legs on one side to be able to climb them. Parents use to tell their kids to “hunt the Dahu”.  They organize a real hunting until they reveal that the Dahu never existed.

The name inspired “L’Atelier du Dahu”, an old house that is now being used by a collective of artists since 2014. Situated in Chantenay district – known for its former shipyards- the place is connected to the Loire river and the history of the neighborhood. It has been a bar or even a brothel attended by the workers.


Jules Verne’s city if full of inventive people and l’Atelier du Dahu is a great example. Today, a dozen of artists are creating their imaginary world in the house. They also organize events in order to open the place and the street to people. The last weekend of June, they organized a successful second edition of the festival ” A Dada sur mon Dahu”. Here are some pictures taken from Marine’s analog camera.

Stay tuned for the release of the video!



Text & Pictures: Marine Leduc

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