Ana Perfeito, filmmaker (Portugal)


Freelance Filmmaker and Audiovisual Artist based in Portugal. Graduated in Communication with a diploma in Cinematography. Ana was the co-founder of Spruce Up Europe in 2013. She started it by creating the first short-documentary #1 Artidava, with Marine Leduc in Bucharest. Since then, has been travelling across Europe for making more films about the houses (as a director, screenwriter, editor, camera operator). Also, Ana likes to write and photograph for Spruce Up Europe sometimes.

Ana’s website

Marine Leduc, freelance journalist (France)

marine ny

Armed with master degrees in Literature and European Journalism (La Sorbonne, Paris), she is writing article for Spruce Up Europe and making interviews for the videos.  She felt in love with Romania and cannot explain why. You can find her photographing and writing in different places all over Europe, especially in Paris, Bucharest or Berlin.

Marine’s website

Rita Garcia, photographer (Portugal)


Rita is a Portugal based photographer, even though she is a passionate traveller and moves quite often. Her main interests are connected with landscapes, people and off the grid lifestyles. As a result of her immersion in the places she visits, she builds her travelling diaries, mainly based on local culture and her own personal experiences. Also she often collaborates in video and music projects, with emphasis in documentary and video clip formats.

Rita’s website

João Filipe Santos, Multimedia Artist, Portugal


João is a visual and multimedia artist from Portugal. With a background in both traditional and digital art forms, he is also a music and tech geek who is always searching for new supports to broaden his canvas. In Spruce Up Europe you can find his contributes in graphic design, video post-production and motion graphics.

João’s website


Many thanks to the people who have already been involved in the project for filming, encouraging, translating, smiling: Marinela Bota & Ionut Onea (RO), Ana Luz Muñoz (ES), Vaida Ražaitytė (LIT), Margarita Lukjanska (LAT), Ovidiu Tataru (RO), Alexandre Afonso (PT), Léo Chartier (FR), Simon Cointet (FR), Anna Pelc (PL), Andra Gheorghiu (RO), Tiberiu Cimpoeru (RO), Andreea Udrea (RO), Hind Diazali (IT & Morrocco), Raluca Pruna (RO)

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